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Lexi Clark 19 years experience!

Sell my home fast!

“We have developed a patent-pending way to identify virtually every buyer for your home before we even allow it to be seen. Then, we schedule showings 30 minutes apart, all compressed into a weekend. This creates a competitive environment and sense of urgency that motivates buyers to act now and make higher offers. Our home selling formula is so good, it’s been featured in Forbes and over 200 publications worldwide.”

Greg Hague, Founder/CEO, 72Sold

“This is an exciting new way to sell your home fast. I’ve tried this approach myself, and it truly works. After 19 years as a top real estate agent, I am still finding new approached to giving the best service to my clients. Many of them need to sell fast in the quickest amount of time, for the most amount of money

Lexi Clark, Realtor, Long Realty.” Click here to learn more about 72Sold